COSBI’s algorithmic modeling on PLOS ONE


COSBI researchers published in the prestigious journal PLOS ONE an important article on algorithmic modeling in relation to the treatment of cancer. Gemcitabine is a prodrug that is commonly used in chemotherapy in the treatment of a variety of tumors. Gemcitabine exerts its clinical effect by stopping cancer cells from reproducing and initiating a process of programmed cell death of cancer cells. Despite its widespread use in the treatment of cancer, the majority of patients show resistance to this drug. In this sense, understanding the biochemical mechanisms that lead to the occurrence of resistance against chemotherapy with gemcitabine is of considerable importance for the purposes of management of the therapeutic treatment of the patient. The study conducted by COSBI model biochemical processes that regulate the action, efficacy and resistance phenomena, from quantitative real data on the metabolism that the drug undergoes in the body and on recent experimental observations on the mechanisms of action. The model, developed by Ozan Kahramano?ullar?, Gianluca Fantaccini, Paola Lecca, Corrado Priami and Daniele Morpurgo, identifies the key enzymes efficacy and drug resistance and allows a quantitative simulation of the temporal evolution of their concentration. The authors have used this model to conduct computer simulations of the metabolism and mechanism of action of the drug, otherwise difficult and often costly to be carried out in vivo.