COSBI is a bioinformatic research center operating in the fields of systems nutrition, systems pharmacology, and ecology

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COSBI is a bioinformatics research company offering contract research services in the fields of systems pharmacology and systems nutrition. We are expert in clinical trial and intervention studies to deliver recommendations to patients in order to maintain an healthy life style. Besides data analysis, modeling and simulation we also have expertise in biological interpretation of data that helps elucidating basic mechanisms of biological processes (e.g., metabolism, signaling, etc.) and their control.


The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI)

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Corrado Priami


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Rovereto - Italy


COSBI is a bionformatics research company that offers contract research services in the fields of systems nutrition and systems pharmacology to promote health with personalized medicine and nutrition in a collaborative effort with the international scientific community.

COSBI operates in the context of translational medicine and nutrition by integrating molecular and clinical, qualitative and quantitative, large scale and mechanistic data from different sources. Experimental data are continuously enriched and validated with scientific literature search.

COSBI applies network analysis to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. Phenotypes and omics data analysis select the biological network that drives the biological process. These networks are simulated to elucidate the molecular mechanisms and to choose potential drug/micronutrient targets.

COSBI develops its own analysis and simulation methods. COSBI is setting the state of the art in modeling languages, simulation algorithms and functional analysis of biological networks.

COSBI main expertise includes Metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome; Neurodegenerative disorders: Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism; Data types: genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, clinical markers, diet, lifestyle, physiological; Analyses: data aggregation and exploration, clustering, topological and functional network analysis, literature and text mining, machine learning, stochastic and deterministic simulation, data visualization.

COSBI starts its pipeline from raw data and through data analysis, modeling and simulation elucidates the mechanisms underlying biological processes related to metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. Each step of the pipeline produces significative results and it can be performed in isolation. The pipeline can start from each step and can continue until the desired results are obtained. The possible steps are:

  • biomarkers: these methods identify biological signatures that characterize a phenotype to classify samples. Biomarkers are diagnostic or prognostic, determine optimal groups in clinical trials, and drive the next steps in the pipeline;
  • network selection: phenotypes or diseases select the gene, protein, metabolic, drug, microbiome, mixed network for the analysis;
  • network analysis: omics and clinical data are used with topological indexes to identify modules of the network most signi cantly associated with the phenotype;
  • functional analysis: omics, clinical data, knowledge from literature and DBs is used to identify the processes of the modules from step 3;
  • simulation: modules are mapped into executable representations of the dynamics of the system to run virtual experiments.

Each step of the pipeline applies a combination of proprietary methods and public methods to maximize the results. COSBI methods are designed ad hoc for the customer’s problems and are always equipped with software prototypes to run them and orchestrate the integration with public software. All results of each pipeline step are biologically interpreted at COSBI. Continuous interaction with customers in each step of the analysis ensures timely and valuable results. COSBI integrates multiomics, multilevel and clinical data sets with diet, lifestyle and scientific literature. Complete confidentiality and data security is ensured. State of the art security IT infrastructure and protocols are adopted and only COSBI researchers that run the analyses can access the customer’s data. COSBI is not for-profit, but it is completely self-funded. Income from services covers salaries, IT infrastructure and overhead.