1ST-3RD FEBRUARY 2016: Visit by Bing Team

6th May 2015: Visit by Adriano Henney (VPH Institute)

4th November 2014: Visit by Pier Giuseppe Pelicci (IEO)

18TH SEPTEMBER 2014: Melting Pot della ricerca

4TH-5TH SEPTEMBER 2014: Workshop on Network analysis for systems nutrition research

10TH MARCH 2014: Visit by Jonathan Hadar and Michela Vitulano (Foreign Trade Administration, Israel Ministry of Economics)

Tony Hey15TH MARCH 2013: Visit by Tony Hey (Vice President Microsoft Research Connections)

26TH-30TH MARCH 2012: International conference 27th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - SAC

Larry Wall17TH FEBRUARY 2011: key-note lecture by Larry Wall

30TH NOVEMBER - 3RD DECEMBER 2010:International conference Merging Knowledge

29TH SEPTEMBER - 1ST OCTOBER 2010:international conference “Computational Methods in Systems Biology – CMSB 2010

Alfred Aho14TH JUNE 2010: visit by Alfred V. Aho, Lawrence Gussman Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University

Tony Hoare23RD JUNE 2009: visit by Tony Hoare, Turing Award in 1980

competition27TH FEBRUARY 2009: COSBI won the first international competition on Formal Methods in Molecular Biology in Dagstuhl

Sydney Brenner4TH - 6TH NOVEMBER 2008: international conference “BioComplex 2008”. Key-note lecture of Sydney Brenner, 2002 Medicine Nobel Laureate

Robin Milner18TH JUNE 2008: visit by Robin Milner, Turing Award in 1991

2ND-5TH OCTOBER 2007:international conference “Biology without Borders 2007”

18TH-19TH OCTOBER 2006: international conference “Computational Methods in Systems Biology – CMSB 2006”

16TH-17TH OCTOBER 2006: international conference “Converging Sciences 2006”


7TH DECEMBER 2005: inauguration of COSBI with wishes of good luck expressed by the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Rick Rashid (Senior Vice President for Research, Microsoft) and Andrew Herbert (Managing Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge) were present on the day of the inauguration.


21ST DECEMBER 2015: Visit by Georg Terstappen (AbbVie)

8TH - 9TH APRIL 2015: COSBI 10 years

15TH - 16TH OCTOBER 2014: Visit by Jörg Hager (NIHS)

12TH - 13TH MARCH 2014: visit by Jim Kaput (NIHS) and Rondo Middleton (Purina)

6TH FEBRUARY 2014:COSBI Open House

SBV Improver Competion award2ND OCTOBER 2012:COSBI won second place in SBV Improver competition

30TH MAY - 2ND JUNE 2011:European Conference on Ecological Modelling - ECEM

cluster30TH NOVEMBER 2010: On the occasion of the fifth anniversary from its establishment, COSBI received a medal from the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano in recognition of its contribution and commitment to enhancing research in Italy.

cluster5TH JUNE 2009: Rick Rashid (Senior Vice President for Research, Microsoft) visited COSBI again and he was happy with the progress we did from the opening.

2ND APRIL 2008: visit by Ronald P. Spogli, the USA Ambassador to Italy.

cluster13TH SEPTEMBER 2007: inauguration of an HPC cluster and visit of Tony Hey (Vice President for External Research, Microsoft).

cluster13TH November 2006: visit by Fabio Mussi, Italian Minister for Education, University and Research.


signature2ND FEBRUARY 2005: agreement signed in Prague for the creation of the Centre. Signatories: the Minister of Education, University and Research (Minister Letizia Moratti), the Minister of Innovation and Technology (Minister Lucio Stanca), the Province of Trento (Gianluca Salvatori, Councillor of Planning, Research, and Innovation), the University of Trento (Davide Bassi, Rector), the Microsoft Corporation (Bill Gates, President and Founder)