COSBI’s studies support the drug design

Drug Discovery Today

Paola Lecca and Corrado Priami published a study on Drug Discovery Today, the prestigious international journal with impact factor 6.828. The objectives of the study of Paola Lecca (now under the CIBIO) and Corrado Priami have been researching and analysis of computational methods that allow to deduce from experimental data the interactions between a drug and the cellular constituents and molecules on which this acts (called "targets" of the drug). The mechanisms of interaction between genes, proteins and enzymes involved in the metabolism of a drug are the physical processes responsible for the effectiveness, toxicity and development of resistance of a patient to a drug. The study of the two researchers focused both on mathematical models and on algorithms capable of extracting from the data produced by the current experimental technologies in chemical genomics and metabolomics, network models of interaction between genes that influence the metabolism of a drug and between the drug and its target.