MART - Rovereto

Rovereto has about 38.000 inhabitants. Its name means “city of the oak”. An area of passage and conquest, under Venetian rule in 1400 Rovereto learnt the art of breeding silkworm and cultivating mulberry trees, which both became fundamental elements for future economic development. This also brought a cultural development evident in the opening of salons, intellectual institutions, and schools. In 1700, the Accademia degli Agiati and the Theatre Zandonai were founded. Even if the economic balance was compromised by the two World Wars, the city again became an important manufacturing and industrial center and in the 1970’s it reached the top of its economic development.

Rovereto is a small but dynamic center, rich in cultural initiatives and sports events of international level. The presence of the MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) conferred the city with a new cultural dimension. The Museum joined other significant cultural landmarks: the Peace Bell, a symbol of solidarity and fraternity, the austere Castel Veneto, which hosts the Historic Museum of War, and the beautiful historic center with a Venetian imprint.

The many international events which take place in Rovereto show the profound vocation of the city to represent a meeting point between world cultures. Among others, the activities of the MART Museum and the Oriente Occidente Festival mark important international events.