The city of Trento has about 115,000 inhabitants. It is a small town, rich in community services, thanks to which Trento ranks among the most livable Italian cities. Cultural and social life is animated by numerous conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. Trento has a strong relationship with tradition and history, which is seen through traditional feasts; typical markets; historic events; international festivals; and music, dance and theatre performances that take place over the year. Among others, the Festival of Economics and the Trento FilmFestival are two major annual events.

Tridentum - the Roman name for Trento - was founded in the 1st century B.C. and has a unique history. Known as the city of the Council (1545 - 1563), Trento conserves a great artistic and historic heritage in its monuments, which date back to the time when the Italian and Nordic cultures met. Today Trento thrives on commerce, its service industry, tourism, a high-quality agriculture and food industry (including wine and fruit), and as a research and conference center thanks to a small but renowned university, COSBI, the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and several international research centers.

With its natural beauty, the region of Trentino offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions and sports, both for those who love mountains and for those who want to discover castles, archaeological sites, sanctuaries and the beautiful lakes in the Dolomites, the mountains recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage.