Journal Papers A Multiset-Based Model of Synchronizing Agents: Computability and Robustness


We introduce a modelling framework and computational paradigm called Colonies ofSynchronizing Agents (CSAs) inspired by the intracellular and intercellular mech-anisms in biological tissues. The model is based on a multiset of agents in a common environment. Each agenthas a local state stored in the form of a multiset of atomic objects, which is updatedby global multiset rewriting rules either independently or synchronously with anotheragent. We first define the model then study its computational power, considering tradeoffs between internal rewriting (intracellular mechanism) and synchronization between agents (intercellular mechanisms). We also investigate dynamic properties of CSAs,including behavioural robustness (ability to generate a core behaviour despite agent loss or rule failure) and safety of synchronization (ability of an agent to synchronizewith some other agent whenever needed).

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M. Cavaliere,  R. Mardare,  S. Sedwards