proceeding Papers Efficient Parallel Statistical Model Checking of Biochemical Networks


We consider the problem of verifying stochastic models of biochemical networks against behavioral properties expressed in temporal logic terms. Because of the stochastic nature of the model, verification corresponds to calculating the measure of probability with which a property is fulfilled by the model. Exact probabilistic verification approaches such as, for example, CSL/PCTL model checking, are undermined by a huge computational demand which rule them out for most real case studies. Less demanding approaches, such as statistical model checking, estimate the likelihood that a property is satisfied by sampling emph{executions} out of the stochastic model. We propose a methodology for efficiently estimating the likelihood that a LTL property $phi$ holds of a stochastic model of a biochemical network. As other statistical verification techniques, the methodology we propose uses a stochastic simulation algorithm for generating execution samples, however there are three key aspects that improve the efficiency: first, the sample generation is driven by on-the-fly verification of $phi$ which results in optimal overall simulation time. Second, the confidence interval estimation for the probability of $phi$ to hold is based on an efficient variant of the Wilson method which ensures a faster convergence. Third, the whole methodology is designed according to a parallel fashion and a prototype software tool has been implemented that performs the sampling/verification process in parallel over an HPC architecture.

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P. Ballarini,  M. Forlin,  T. Mazza,  D. Prandi


Parallel and Distributed Methods in verifiCation (PDMC 09)