technical report Network analysis in CoSBiLab Graph


We present CoSBiLab Graph 1.0, the freely available network visualisation and analysis module of CoSBiLab ( Most of available network analysis softwares are developed by either sociologists or (molecular) systems biologists: our purpose was to create a tool that is designed by considering ecological principles but general enough for supporting multidisciplinary research. It offers classical (e.g. status) and new (e.g. trophic overlap) network indices, as well as provides a fast and comfortable environment for network ecologists. Instead of competing, we aim to cooperate with other existing softwares, by providing compatible input and output and focusing on what is missing in other applications. The key features of this software are (1) the customisable layout, representing node attributes, (2) the implementation of novel network indices and (3) the rich linkage to other modules of the CoSBiLab platform (tools for modelling reaction-diffusion systems, stochastic dynamical simulators, statistical analyis and parameter inference).

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F. Jordan,  R. Valentini