technical report A Computational Framework For Complex Diseases


This report presents the motivation and preliminary results of an ongoing collaboration between The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI) and The Barcelona Supercomputer Centre (BSC) relating to the European FP7 MiTiN project (Integration of the System Models of Mitochondrial Function and Insulin Signalling and its Application in the Study of Complex Diseases). MiTiN intends to elucidate the interplay between insulin signalling pathways and mitochondrial function through the construction of a computational framework to allow the interrogation and perturbation of a large reconstructed network. As such, the project exemplifies the multidisciplinary systems biological approach, requiring the integration of diverse datasets and disciplines. The BSC group is the MiTiN project partner responsible for the development of the computational framework. COSBI is providing expertise in computational modelling of biological systems and in the construction of computational tools.

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S. Sedwards,  J. Mercader,  M. Puiggròs,  D. Torrents