proceeding Papers Analyzing various models of Circadian Clock and Cell Cycle coupling


The daily rhythm can influence the proliferation rate of many cell types. In the mammalian system the transcription of the cell cycle regulatory protein Wee1 is controlled by the circadian clock. Zamborszky et al. (2007) present a computational model coupling the cell cycle and circadian rhythm, showing that this coupling can lead to multimodal cell cycle time distributions. Biological data points to additional couplings, including a link back from the cell cycle to the circadian clock. Proper modelling of this coupling requires a more detailed description of both parts of the model. Hence, we aim at further extending and analysing earlier models using a combination of modelling techniques and computer software, including CoSBI lab, BIOCHAM, and GINsim.

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S. Sedwards,  P. Ballarini,  A. Csikasz-Nagy,  F. Jordan,  R. Larcher,  P. Lecca,  T. Mazza,  I. Mura,  A. Palmisano,  A. Romanel,  J. Zamborszky,  F. Adrien,  H. Siebert,  S. Soliman,  D. Thieffry


Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, 09091, ,