proceeding Papers Information transfer among coupled Random Boolean Networks


Information processing and information flow occur at many levels in the course of an organism’s development and throughout its lifespan. Biological networks inside cells transmit information from their inputs (e.g. the concentrations of proteins or other signaling molecules) to their outputs (e.g. the expression levels of various genes). Moreover, cells do not exist in isolation, but they constantly interact with one another. We study the information flow in a model of interacting genetic networks, which are represented as Boolean graphs. It is observed that the information transfer among the networks is not linearly dependent on the amount of nodes that are able to influence the state of genes in surrounding cells.

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S. Kauffman,  C. Damiani,  R. Serra,  M. Villani,  A. Colacci


Cellular Automata, 9th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, LNCS 6350, , 1-11