proceeding Papers On the fate of perturbations in critical random Boolean networks


Random Boolean models of genetic regulatory networks, when subject to small noise, may either forget past distinctions or yield divergence in state space trajectories precluding reliable action. With a speci c choice of the model parameters, such networks are in a critical regime and optimize capacity to bind past and future. An in-depth study of the response to perturbations of critical random Boolean networks is here presented. It is shown that networks built with critical values of the parameters may,however, frequently show behaviours that are more typical of the ordered or of the disordered regime. A further classifi cation of critical networks is thus proposed with the objective of isolating those networks that exhibit truly critical dynamics.

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C. Damiani,  A. Graudenzi,  R. Serra,  M. Villani,  A. Colacci,  S. Kauffman


the European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS 09, Warwick 21-25