proceeding Papers The diffusion of perturbations in a model of coupled random Boolean networks


Deciphering the influence of the interaction among the constituents of a complex system on the overall behaviour is one of the main goals of complex systems science. The model we present in this work is a 2D square cellular automaton whose of each cell is occupied by a complete random Boolean network. Random Boolean networks are a well-known simplified model of genetic regulatory networks and this model of interacting RBNs may be therefore regarded as a simplified model of a tissue or a monoclonal colony. The mechanism of cell-to-cell interaction is here simulated letting some nodes of a particular network being influenced by the state of some nodes belonging to its neighbouring cells. One possible means to investigate the overall dynamics of a complex system is studying its response to perturbations. Our analyses follow this methodological approach. Even though the dynamics of the system is far from trivial we could show in a clear way how the interaction affects the dynamics and the global degree of order.

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R. Serra,  M. Villani,  C. Damiani,  A. Graudenzi,  A. Colacci


8th International Conference on Cellular Auotomata ACRI 2008, Yokohama, LNCS 5191/, , 315-322