proceeding Papers Dynamics of Interconnected Boolean Networks with scale-free topology


In this paper we investigate how the dynamics of a set of coupled Random Boolean Netowrks is affected by the changes in their topology. The Multi Random Boolean Networks (MRBN) is a model for the interaction among Random Boolean Networks (RBN). A single RBN may be regarded as an abstraction of gene regulatory networks, thus MRBNs might represent collections of communicating cells e.g. in tissues or in bacteria colonies. Past studies have shown how the dynamics of classical RBNs in the critical regime is affected by such an interaction. Here we compare the behaviour of RBNs with random topology to that of RBNs with scale-free topology for different dynamical regimes.

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C. Damiani,  M. Villani,  C. Darabos,  M. Tomassini


Artificial Life and evolutionary computation, proceeding of WIVACE 2008, Venice, 8-10 September 2008