Journal Papers NPY Y1 receptor like immunoreactivity exists in a subpopulation of beta-endorphin immunoreactive nerve cells in the arcuate nucleus: a double immunolabelling analysis in the rat.


Double immunolabelling immunohistochemistry in the arcuate nucleus of the rat demonstrates that neuropeptide Y (NPY) Y1 receptor like immunoreactivity is strongly present in a subpopulation of beta-endorphin immunoreactive nerve cell bodies, while the small NPY immunoreactive nerve cell bodies located medially lack NPY Y1 receptor like immunoreactivity. The NPY Y1 like immunoreactive nerve cell bodies lie in an arcuate area rich in NPY immunoreactive nerve terminals forming an uniform plexus. It is postulated that NPY Y1 receptors in beta-endorphin neurons may mediate some actions of NPY on motivational processes and pain control as well as on hypophyseal hormone secretion, involving at the least in part a regulation of the tubero-infundibular DA neurons.

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K. Fuxe,  B. Tinner,  L. Caberlotto,  B. Bunnemann,  L. Agnati


Neurosci Lett. , 225 , , 49-52