Journal Papers Alterations in neuropeptide Y levels and Y1 binding sites in the Flinders Sensitive Line rats, a genetic animal model of depression.


Previously, we observed specific alterations of neuropeptide Y (NPY) and Y1 receptor mRNA expression in discrete regions of the Flinders Sensitive Line rats (FSL), an animal model of depression. In order to clarify the correlation between mRNA expression and protein content, radioimmunoassay and receptor autoradiography were currently performed. In the FSL rats, NPY-like immunoreactivity (NPY-LI) was decreased in the hippocampal CA region, while Y1 binding sites were increased; NPY-LI was increased in the arcuate nucleus. Fluoxetine treatment elevated NPY-LI in the arcuate and anterior cingulate cortex and increased Y1 binding sites in the medial amygdala and occipital cortex in both strains. No differences were found regarding the Y2 binding sites. The results demonstrate a good correlation between NPY peptide and mRNA expression, and sustain the possible involvement of NPY and Y1 receptors in depression.

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L. Caberlotto,  P. Jimenez,  D. Overstreet,  Y. Hurd,  A. Mathè,  K. Fuxe


Neurosci Lett., 265, , 191-4