Journal Papers Anxiolytic-like effect of the selective neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor antagonist BIIE0246 in the elevated plus-maze.


The involvement of Neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the pathophysiology of mood disorders has been suggested by clinical and preclinical evidence. NPY Y1 and Y2 receptors have been proposed to mediate the NPY modulation of stress responses and anxiety related behaviors. To further investigate the role of Y2 receptors in anxiety we studied the effect of BIIE0246, a selective Y2 receptor antagonist, in the elevated plus-maze test. Rats treated with 1.0 nmol BIIE0246 showed an increase in the time spent on the open arm of the maze. In addition, to study the effects of the Y2 antagonism on NPY protein level, NPY-like immunoreactivity was measured in different brain regions following treatment with BIIE0246, but no statistically significant effects were observed. These results suggest that BIIE0246 has an anxiolytic-like profile in the elevated plus-maze.

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F. Bacchi,  A. Mathè,  P. Jimenez,  L. Stasi,  R. Arban,  P. Gerrard,  L. Caberlotto


Peptides., 27, , 3202-7