proceeding Papers Definite Expression Aliasing Analysis for Java Bytecode


We define a novel static analysis for Java bytecode, called definite expression aliasing. It infers, for each variable v at each program point p, a set of expressions whose value at p is equal to the value of v at p, for every possible execution of the program. Namely, it determines which expressions must be aliased to local variables and stack elements of the Java Virtual Machine. This is a useful piece of information for a static analyzer, such as Julia, since it can be used to refine other analyses at conditional statements or assignments. We formalize and implement a constraint-based analysis, defined and proved correct in the abstract interpretation framework. Moreover, we show the benefits of our definite expression aliasing analysis for nullness and termination analysis with Julia.

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D. Nikolic,  F. Spoto


The 9th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing (ICTAC 2012), 7521, , 74-89