Journal Papers Milieu-M: Visual Manipulation and Programming for Multi-Membranes


In the context of membrane computing, the new notion of multi-membrane was introduced where the junction of membranes is used together with the inclusion of membranes. In multi-membranes a deterministic computation model can be defined for computing arithmetical functions by designing a sort of circuits in pure geometrical forms articulated at different distributed levels. In this article we present Milieu-M, a software tool for the visual manipulation of calculi on membranes and multi-membranes offering a rich and interactive Graphical User Interface. The visual programming approach is used to create topological forms entirely describing an algorithm in terms of the Pure Graphs formalism. The visual programming formalism and the textual multi-membrane programming language can be used jointly in Milieu-M to work on the same model and for seamlessly generating source code from the visual graphs and vice versa.

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R. Lombardo,  V. Manca


International Journal of Information Theories and Applications, 19, ,