Journal Papers An algebraic formulation of inverse problems in MP dynamics


Metabolic P (MP) grammars are a particular class of multiset rewriting grammars introduced in the MP theory for modelling metabolic processes. In this paper, a new algebraic formulation of inverse problems, based on MP grammars and Kronecker product, is given, for further motivating the correctness of the LGSS (Log-Gain Stoichiometric Stepwise) algorithm, introduced in 2010s for solving inverse problems in the MP framework. At the end of the paper, a section is included that introduces the problem of multicollinearity, which could arise during the execution of LGSS, and that defines an algorithm, based on a hierarchical clustering technique, that solves it in a suitable way.

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V. Manca,  L. Marchetti


International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 90, , 845-856