Journal Papers SCUDO: a tool for signature-based clustering of expression profiles


SCUDO (Signature-based ClUstering for DiagnOstic purposes) is an online tool for the analysis of gene expression profiles for diagnostic and classification purposes. The tool is based on a new method for the clustering of profiles based on a subject-specific, as opposed to disease-specific, signature. Our approach relies on construction of a reference map of transcriptional signatures, from both healthy and affected subjects, derived from their respective mRNA or miRNA profiles. A diagnosis for a new individual can then be performed by determining the position of the individual's transcriptional signature on the map. The diagnostic power of our method has been convincingly demonstrated in an open scientific competition (SBV Improver Diagnostic Signature Challenge), scoring second place overall and first place in one of the sub-challenges.

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M. Lauria,  P. Moyseos,  C. Priami


Nucleic Acid Research, 43(W1):W188-92, ,