mPBPK model for tuberculosis drug development

Pub. date
February 5, 2024

Publicated by #Frontiers in Pharmacology

We are excited to share our latest publication in Frontiers in Pharmacology, where we present a novel minimal physiologically based pharmacokinetic (mPBPK) model for tuberculosis (TB) drug development.

This is our first publication about our minimal PBPK modeling on TB, a deadly infectious disease that still affects millions of people worldwide. We provide a unified framework that can reproduce and predict the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of 11 anti-TB drugs in mice and investigate drug exposure and target attainment in the lung. You can read the full article here, and learn more about the mPBPK model, its validation, application, and limitations.

This work was done in collaboration with Gates MRI and Hackensack Meridian Health, leading research institutes dedicated to finding innovative solutions for global health challenges. We thank them for their guidance and expertise in this project: Micha Levi | LinkedIn, Shayne Watson | LinkedIn, Chanchala Kaddi | LinkedIn, Karim Azer | LinkedIn, Veronique Dartois | LinkedIn.

Our mPBPK model can serve as a useful tool for researchers and developers who are working on new anti-TB drugs and regimens and help accelerate the translation from preclinical to clinical studies.

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