BioNetMotion provides dynamic and network-based visualization of time course omic data

BioNetMotion is a web service developed using Cytoscape Web and Google Motion Chart. The main purpose of this tool is to create a link between the graphical representation of a network of genes/proteins/metabolites and data related to these elements (such as gene expression data measured across a time series).

The user-provided network is represented in an undirected graph wherein the different types of interactions are represented by edge color in the network, and nodes are colored to indicate whether they are present in the user-provided data file or not. The user can then select nodes from the network and any available data will be represented in a motion chart diagram below the network.

The images of both the network and the motion chart representations can be downloaded.

The tool contains introductory examples files, which should be useful for a quick start.



Please address all enquiries about BioNetMotion to the
BioNetMotion Team