Multithread hybrid stochastic/deterministic simulation of biochemical reaction networks.


HSimulator is an optimized, multithread Java simulator compatible with Java 6.0 or higher versions. The simulator works both in terminal and in a graphical environment thanks to an ad hoc GUI. HSimulator is also a Javadoc documented Java library, which can be linked to any Java application to provide simulation facilities.

The software provides an efficient implementation of five simulation algorithms:

•DM: the Direct Method introduced by Gillespie

•RSSA: an exact and efficient simulation algorithm for large-scale biochemical reactions

•Euler: the forward Euler deterministic simulation algorithm

•RK45: the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg deterministic algorithm

•HRSSA: a novel hybrid stochastic/deterministic simulation algorithm, which allows fast and accurate simulations



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Please address all enquiries about HSimulator to the HSimulator Team

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