RNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Conference – London 2023 (October 4th-5th)

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October 13, 2023

Dialogue among experts from academia, biotech, pharma, governmental and non-governmental agencies

Our thanks to Robin Shattock who invited COSBI to this conference organized by CPI in cooperation with the Imperial College London. Scope of the event: create interaction among professionals of different sectors on RNA therapeutics, focusing on design, analytics, manufacturing scale-up in the evolving science of RNA medicine.

On the basis of an ongoing project with the University of Trento we have submitted two abstracts for the conference:

  • mRNA therapeutics described by Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (#PKPD) model
  • The promotion of the development of a computational platform based on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (#QSP) mathematical modeling to expedite research and development of mRNA vaccines

The first one has been accepted for a talk held by Giada Fiandaca, the second one led to a poster presented by Lorena Leonardelli.

View the full agenda and the speakers of the event HERE.


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