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Computational biology comes into play

We exploit state of the art computational pipelines to build a thorough mechanistic understanding of biological processes in disease and health conditions based on the integration of multiple layers of molecular and phenotypic data. Built upon extensive knowledge extraction, data integration and biomarker discovery platforms, we devise network-based and mathematical models which help interpreting preclinical and clinical data, and support decision-making in all stages of the development of novel pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

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Our skills

Systems Pharmacology

Systems Nutrition

What we do

  • The available biomedical literature and associated data are growing at an unprecedented rate, exceeding the ability of researchers to make effective use of this knowledge-rich amount of information. Through the conduct of numerous projects, COSBI has developed a significant experience in extracting knowledge from multiple sources and frame it into a systems level context

  • We capture the wealth of experimental data from the ever-increasing number of technologies and information across multiple layers and integrate them into knowledge-based biological networks to build a systems level view of biological processes, and support the identification of targets and biomarkers

  • We combine proprietary and publicly available state-of-the art approaches for the identification of biological signatures allowing the dissection of the biological heterogeneity of a disease, the identification of samples or patients subgroups, as well as the molecular targets underlying the phenotype of interest

  • We combine available experimental data on drug, targets, biomarkers, and information across multiple pathways and layers to obtain a system view of physiological and pathological cellular processes and generate mechanistic knowledge that can be employed to develop mathematical models of disease processes

  • We develop mathematical models of physiological processes in normal and disease conditions, and Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) models of increased complexity enabling to predict disease progression or treatment efficacy in several conditions

Cosbi - What we doCosbi - What we do
Cosbi - What we do
Cosbi - What we do
Cosbi - What we do
Cosbi - What we do

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The value of our research

Measuring our scientific value and the impact of our work by the number, quality, and assortment of our scientific publications


Our software prototypes

As part of our research efforts, we develop state-of-the-art computational tools to build up a biology pipeline encompassing data extraction and integration, biomarker identification, pathway analysis and modeling and simulation, in support of systems pharmacology and systems nutrition projects.

Prototypes and Tools