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Knowledge Extraction

Unlocking the potential of biomedical data

The available biomedical literature and associated data are growing at an unprecedented rate, exceeding the ability of researchers to make effective use of this knowledge-rich amount of information. Through the conduct of numerous projects, COSBI has developed a significant experience in extracting knowledge from multiple sources and frame it into a systems level context

What we do

Integrated Text Mining and data curation

The knowledge extraction pipelines at COSBI are designed to be flexible, modular, and multipurpose, stepping ahead from customary single specific subtasks. A continuously expanding library of natural language processing methods are developed and arranged together for identifying linguistic associations in different scientific phraseologies integrating well-consolidated state-of-the-art tools. Currently evolving applications include literature-based knowledge expansion of user queries, interactive network-based knowledge representations and semi-automatic evidence summarization.

Our Technology

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Case Studies

Knowledge Extraction