Systems Pharmacology

Our research efforts are devoted to the elucidation of the mechanisms involved in metabolic and immuno-inflammatory disorders, in neurodegeneration, cancer and infectious diseases, and in the analysis of omic and clinical data following therapies or dietary regimens. We complement our research with the development and customization of computational biology algorithms in support of systems pharmacology and nutrition.

A new computational method for drug repurposing

Develop a systems pharmacology workflow that integrates different data types such as genomics, transcriptomics, and literature to identify in silico drug...

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Developing a QSP model for prostate cancer immunotherapy

Develop a Quantitative System Pharmacology (QSP) model to evaluate the effect of different immunotherapies in prostate cancer and provide a computational...

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Developing a unified QSP platform for lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs)

Develop a unified modeling platform for LSDs to enhance the comprehension of Lysosomal storage disorders by highlighting differences and common properties...

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Predicting the efficacy of trivalent influenza vaccines

Extract a transcriptional biomarker to predict the efficacy of trivalent influenza vaccines and expand our understanding of the early events following...

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Modeling Neurofilament trafficking in neurodegenerative disorders

Develop a Quantitative System Pharmacology (QSP) model to evaluate the potential of neurofilaments as early biomarkers of disease onset and treatment...

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Investigating Duchenne muscular dystrophy biology through plasma proteome

Identify disease biomarkers and deregulated pathways in Duchenne muscular dystrophy from omic data We developed a two-step computational workflow to extract...

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