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Modeling & simulation

Predicting disease progression and treatment efficacy

We develop mathematical models of physiological processes in normal and disease conditions, and Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) models of increased complexity enabling to predict disease progression or treatment efficacy in several conditions

What we do

Multiscale QSP models

COSBI has experience on a wide-range of different types of mathematical models, from deterministic ODE-based models to pure stochastic reaction networks, enabling the description of biological systems of increasing complexity, from single pathways to whole-body, hierarchical, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) models.
Using advanced computational tools, we have successfully applied our strategy to neurological, metabolic and immuno-inflammatory disorders. We have developed a proprietary pipeline for model-based subject stratification, which demonstrated to be particularly promising in very challenging conditions, where the limited number of subjects or the complexity of the disease prevent the application of standard statistical methods.

Our Technology

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Case Studies

Modeling & simulation

Computational analysis of cytokine release following bispecific T-cell engager therapy

Develop a logical model describing the interplay between Bispecific T-cell engager antibodies (BiAbs) the immune system, and tumor cells. Perform in silico...

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Logical modeling of COVID-19 intracellular infection: supporting therapies development

Develop a logical mathematical model of the intracellular pathways involved in the COVID-19 infection. The model can be used to study several drugs and...

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Developing a robust computational pipeline for model-based and data-driven phenotype clustering

Develop a robust computational method for patient stratification that works in very challenging conditions, where the limited number of subjects included...

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Modeling Neurofilament trafficking in neurodegenerative disorders

Develop a Quantitative System Pharmacology (QSP) model to evaluate the potential of neurofilaments as early biomarkers of disease onset and treatment...

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Developing a QSP model for prostate cancer immunotherapy

Develop a Quantitative System Pharmacology (QSP) model to evaluate the effect of different immunotherapies in prostate cancer and provide a computational...

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Developing a unified QSP platform for lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs)

Develop a unified modeling platform for LSDs to enhance the comprehension of Lysosomal storage disorders by highlighting differences and common properties...

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