Logical modeling of COVID-19 intracellular infection: supporting therapies development

Systems Pharmacology
Modeling & simulation


Develop a logical mathematical model of the intracellular pathways involved in the COVID-19 infection. The model can be used to study several drugs and their combination, in different scenarios, thus providing insights into their mechanisms of action

What we did

Leveraging a COVID-19 curated repository of causal interaction between proteins, we built a logical model focused on the molecular mechanisms describing the viral entry and the consequent immune systems and inflammatory response. We identified different illness scenarios on which several drug effectiveness have been tested by sensitivity analysis.



This in silico tool can be used to lead the drug discovery process in a period characterized by scarce resources and time, helping to prioritize through sensitivity analysis, the study and test of the most promising treatments. The model can help the design of the clinical trials by selecting the best performing combinations according to the illness scenario.


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