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Systems Pharmacology

Building computational frameworks to support drug discovery and personalized medicine

We combine molecular, cellular, preclinical, and clinical data from different sources to build a systems view of biological processes in healthy and disease condition, setting the basis for mechanistic models and mathematical descriptions of both complex and rare disorders. By integrating preclinical with clinical data, our models enable to identify new targets and biomarkers, simulate disease progression, identify patient subgroups and predict drug efficacy, guiding the advance of small molecules and biological agents through the various phases of their development.

Our focus

Case Studies


Investigating Duchenne muscular dystrophy biology through plasma proteome

Identify disease biomarkers and deregulated pathways in Duchenne muscular dystrophy from omic data We developed a two-step computational workflow to extract...

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Computational analysis of cytokine release following bispecific T-cell engager therapy

Develop a logical model describing the interplay between Bispecific T-cell engager antibodies (BiAbs) the immune system, and tumor cells. Perform in silico...

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Developing a novel unsupervised and normalization-free tool for multi-omics integration and biomarker identification

Modern profiling technologies have led to relevant progress toward precision medicine and disease management. A new trend in patient classification is...

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Logical modeling of COVID-19 intracellular infection: supporting therapies development

Develop a logical mathematical model of the intracellular pathways involved in the COVID-19 infection. The model can be used to study several drugs and...

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Extracting knowledge from literature to inform Tuberculosis drug and vaccine development

Develop a TB Knowledgebase, that interactively aggregates, organizes, and analyzes publicly available literature and clinical trial documentation to support...

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A QSP approach based on a graphical model to improve mRNA vaccine platforms

Analyzing and integrating multi-source knowledge and data, with the goal of clarifying the intricate biological processes involved in the mechanism of...

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