Developing a hierarchical multi-level mathematical model of glucose homeostasis

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Modeling & simulation


Develop a comprehensive and structured mathematical representation of the pathophysiologic processes underlying the regulation of glucose homeostasis at both cellular and systemic level.

What we did

We developed a multi-level closed-loop model of whole-body glucose homeostasis, coupled with the molecular specifications of the insulin signaling cascade in adipocytes, under the experimental conditions of normal glucose regulation and type 2 diabetes

glucose homeostasis_ok


The ordinary differential equations of the model, describing the dynamics of glucose and key regulatory hormones and their reciprocal interactions among gut, liver, muscle and adipose tissue, were designed for being embedded in a modular, hierarchical mathematical structure. The closed-loop model structure allowed self-sustained simulations to represent an ideal in silico subject that adjusts its own metabolism to the fasting and feeding states, depending on the hormonal context.


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Uluseker C, Simoni G, Marchetti L, Dauriz M, Matone A, Priami C, A closed-loop multi-level model of glucose homeostasis, PLoS ONE 13 (2): e0190627, 2018. See 0.1371/journal.pone.0190627

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