Systems Nutrition

Our research efforts are devoted to the elucidation of the mechanisms involved in metabolic and immuno-inflammatory disorders, in neurodegeneration, cancer and infectious diseases, and in the analysis of omic and clinical data following therapies or dietary regimens. We complement our research with the development and customization of computational biology algorithms in support of systems pharmacology and nutrition.

Developing a stochastic model of folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism

Develop an accurate mathematical representation of the folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism (FOCM) as an interconnected network of metabolic pathways...

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Developing a hierarchical multi-level mathematical model of glucose homeostasis

Develop a comprehensive and structured mathematical representation of the pathophysiologic processes underlying the regulation of glucose homeostasis...

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Taking care of immune-beneficial infant gut bacteria

Hunting for foods to help infants build strong immune systems, a New Zealand National Science Challenge. These studies are traditionally conducted trialing...

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