Molecular Mechanism of Drug Resistance in Cancer Cell Lines

Pub. date
April 22, 2024

An innovative approach to joint analysis

We published on Scientific Reports the results of our work on the molecular mechanism of drug resistance in cancer cell lines. By employing an innovative approach to the joint analysis of two previously published datasets, namely the results of a drug sensitivity screen and measurements of gene essentiality, we identified cancer cell lines that consistently exhibited high levels of drug resistance. We then identified genes associated with this high level of resistance, and studied them and their interaction using a network inference approach based on both transcriptomic data and SNP profiles for the same cell lines. The method of analysis that we describe is quite general and in the same paper we use it to derive some insight on the mechanisms that confer resistance to CRISPR-Cas9 gene knockout in some cancer cell lines.

A heartfelt thank you to Mario Lauria and to Dr. Francesco Iorio of Human Technopole in Milan, for the many insightful discussions and for the invaluable advice he contributed to this work.  A big thank and best of luck in their future endeavors to our former collaborators and paper coauthors Francesca Tomasi and Matteo Pozzi, both of which deserve praise and credit for all the hard work that went into implementing and carrying out the analysis.

Read the article here.

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